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350 Stevens Point (350)

350 Stevens Point has been established to raise awareness of the climate crisis and other environmental issues and to take action for these issues.


The primary purpose of A Cappella UWSP is to create a collaborative environment for UWSP students to experiment with the fundamentals of A Cappella music.

Academic and Career Advising Center (ACAC)

Academic and Career Advising

Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF)

Our mission is to help support UWSP by empowering all students to live intentionally and excellently academically, spiritually, and physically through life purpose support groups, community service, healthy living development, and spiritual development.

Adventure Club (ARC)

The Adventure Club is an organization dedicated to the exploration of the unknown; to travel to parts beyond for the sole sake of the journey.

Alliance Of Non-Traditional Students At UWSP (ANTS)

Our purpose shall be to serve as a vehicle for the social and intellectual interests of non-traditional students & as an advocate for their needs in the University Community.

American Chemical Society (ACS)

To provide a chance to exchange information and ideas with other people interested in chemistry.

American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES)

Provide opportunities for American Indians and Alaska Natives to pursue studies in science, engineering, business and other academic areas.

American Indians Reaching For Opportunities (AIRO)

Encourage awareness and understanding of all Indian people, on campus, off campus and all who seek information about Indian people and culture.

American Institute of Chemical Engineering Student Chapter (AICHE)

The objectives of this chapter shall be to promote the professional development of its members through its programs and its relations with other Student Chapters and contribute to the development of chemical engineering at UW-Stevens Point.

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